Check out these 8 reasons to give 8 hugs every day!

Check out these 8 reasons to give 8 hugs every dayWe all like to give hugs and to be hugged by the people we love and appreciate. Do you know that it is proved that the arms have a favorable impact on the psyche and emotions of the person? Recent research shows that if people are cuddling each day, their body will feel much better. Heart rate will improve, you will be more relaxed, you will have better sleep and more energy. Here are more benefits:

1. If you give eight hugs every day, you can take full advantage of all the benefits of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. Instead of overeating with sweets, hug more often. You will definitely be healthier and happier.

2. Embrace lasting 20 seconds or more, increases the positive effect of the production of oxytocin. This hormone of happiness makes you attractive and excited.

3. Oxytocin has the ability to recover muscles. If you practice some sports you will appreciate this effect. Perhaps your carpet cleaners Nottinghamshire also know that.

4. Frequent hugs decreased heart rate by five beats per minute. So, you will have healthy heart too.

5. Hugging reduces stress. Nowadays stress is present in our lives every day, so take advantage of every opportunity to reduce it. You will feel much better.

6. Adults who often embrace sleep much better compared with those who do not.

7. Hugs can make you feel 20% more energetic. So, hug your roommate and start together the deep end of tenancy cleaning Nottinghamshire! You can do it! You will be amazed by the final results!

8. When they grow up, hugged babies will have more stable emotional and mental attitude.

So, are you ready for more hugs? Start with your beloved people!

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