Steam cleaning of my carpet

carpet cleaning london We had a party in my flat last night. It was all great but but when I looked on my new soft beige carpet in the living room on the next day I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were so many stains it was hard to guess what were they from. There were stains from food..coke but probably most shocking was the big stain from red wine.

I started rubbing the spill which turned out to be a huge mistake. The stain became larger and I was almost desperate.

I thought the best thing to do is to call a Professional Carpet Cleaning company to deal with it. I knew it was a very short notice for them to send someone on the same day but when I called (Nice and Clean London) and explained what the situation was the lady on the phone informed me they can send a carpet cleaning expert in a couple of hours.

I’ve never had my carpet cleaned before so I asked for more details and she explained to me that they use the most powerful carpet cleaning system and the safest non-toxic, natural cleaning products, which was quite important for me as I have a dog.

The cleaner came right on time, smiled to me and brought in a heavy machine. He set to work immediately.

I can not express my astonishment when I saw how all of the horrible stains started to disappear. When he was finished with the cleaning of my carpet it looked as if it was new again. There was not a single spot upon it! He also advised that it would take a couple of hours for the carpet to dry out and also not to step upon it. I am so happy with the carpet cleaning service provided and would definitely use your company again.

I would recommend your services to all of my friends!