Carpet Cleaning London

carpet cleaning services My husband and I live in a beautiful house in Wimbledon which we love! We live here for a few years now and after New Year we decided it is high time to decorate the flat a little bit.

We’ve had a thought about it and came to the conclusion that all we can afford is painting the walls and changing the carpets, instead of calling a carpet cleaning company. This would make the flat look so much better without any big investments.

So in late March we’ve booked the painters who came and painted all the walls and after they were done we arrange for all of the old carpets to be removed and replaced with new ones. We’ve chosen one of the best carpets in the catalogue – pretty expensive since we’ve decided this will be our major investment for the decoration.

After everything was put in order the painters had to return because we had an issue in the bathroom and they had to repaint there.

Unfortunately they entered the flat with their shoes on and step on the new carpet and by the time I saw what was going on a few black stains appeared on the carpet on the staircase and the landing.

Apparently, one of the men had something like a car oil on his shoe without knowing that.

The company said they will cover the expenses for the carpet cleaning so we searched for a professional carpet cleaning company in our area.

Our attention was stopped on a company called House Cleaning London. The girl explained over the phone that although they cannot offer me a guarantee that any stains will come out, they will be able to use their strongest detergents for carpet cleaning which should make the stains go. Also the girl made it clear how big an advantage it is that I didn’t try to clean the stains myself and that I called for a cleaning company right after they’ve been made – obviously this is of a huge importance for better results.

The cleaners arrived the same day which was impressive – such a fast reaction! Although their English was not perfect, they were very kind and could understand me when I was speaking to them. They steam cleaned the carpets and made them look like brand new again – there was not a trace from the horrible black stains.

We are very happy with this company because they organised everything in a couple hours and provided a receipt right after the carpet cleaning which we used as a proof for the painters. Most importantly our new carpets were not permanently damaged thanks to the great guys in House Cleaning London.