Carpet and upholstery sofa steam and dry cleaning

carpet and sofa steam and dry cleaning In order to provide a clean and safe environment for you and the people you love, cleaning specialists and manufacturers of cleaning equipment advise to have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Depending on the fabric, which your carpets or upholstery are made of, there are two types of professional cleaning – steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

In case you have carpets and/or furniture made of regular fabric, such as wool or wool mixture, you will have to apply steam cleaning on them.

The steam cleaning method is done by using special steam cleaning machine, which sprays hot water (steam) on the carpets in order to dissolve the accumulated dirt.

Sometimes stronger detergents for pre-treating the stains can be applied too. Once the carpets/upholstery are steam cleaned, the machine extracts approximately 95% of the moisture.

After 2-3 hours, your carpets/furniture will be ready, clean, and bacteria and dust mites free.

Alternately, if you have carpets made of natural fabric: eg. sea-grass, sisal, etc; or a more delicate upholstery: velvet, suede, etc, you should not use steam cleaning on them in order not to damage the fabric. Professional cleaning companies offer dry cleaning service which can help in such cases.

It is a method using milder detergents (chemical solvents), which will fresh up your carpets and/or upholstery, will take any smells off them and will leave them clean and bright.

No matter what types of carpets or upholstery you have at home, make sure you provide your family with healthy environment by having them professionally cleaned as often as necessary!

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