An hour long cleaning for busy ladies

Cleaning tips for busy ladiesCooking, looking after the kids, tidying up and doing some new decorations at home in the name of the general lovely family atmosphere – these are all woman’s duties. Somehow she must manage finishing them all in a week and the week has still seven days only.

Plus – as any other human being, a woman needs some sleeping and relaxing, too. When you add to this the struggle for a great carrier or succeeding some really envious results in the office, women must be called “supermen”. And after all, why is there a superman, but there is no such a thing as superwoman?

Ok, dear busy ladies, this time feminist motto and statements won’t save you, because, after all, regular domestic cleaning is something that you can’t avoid! After all sanitising procedures and efforts in home hygiene restoration are closely connected with human’s personal hygienic habits! Instead of grumbling that you have no time for deep and thorough disinfecting or for some little wiping actions after work, better check out our offer for you – an hour long tidying for busy ladies! It will help you to continue being a superwoman with the difference that your house will be thoroughly clean as a whistle:

  • Bedroom is neat for 10 minutes only – start from getting up early in the morning. Quickly, change your bed linens and even faster order your dressing wardrobe, while you are choosing today’s outfit for the office. Use the rest minutes for dusting and wiping the furniture gently with a microfibre!

  • Bathroom sanitising for less than 10 minutes – this sterilising solution will work perfectly, when you are late or in a rush for somewhere! While you are hurrying to bathe yourself, wash the bathroom, too! Pour a large amount of green homemade recipe for tile disinfection, which contains aromatic smells of citruses and essential oils and scrub in turn – first your body, then the bathroom items!

  • Kitchen degreasing and decluttering – 20 minutes is the maximum for the procedure except for the fact you are overreacting with the cooking role at home! Insert a vessel of lemon juice in both – the dishwasher and the microwave! Turn them off and let them sanitise by their own. Do the same thing with oven cleaning! Turn it on and let the grease to melt! During this several minutes vacuum the floor and tidy up!

  • Use the rest of your time for living room refreshment – hoover the carpet, then polish the furniture and then wipe the windows with some alcohol!

We wish to be always successful and not so busy, lady! Try to find some time to relax!

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