Allergens and pathogens hiding in your carpet

Allergens and pathogens in the carpet Carpets have the role of prisons, keeping pathogens and allergens from the air we constantly breathe. Simply illustrated, all the dirt fallen on the floor (dust, pet hair and etc.) is stacked deeply in the carpet until it’s vacuumed or steam cleaned.

Unlike the tile, laminate and parquet, that do not stop dust and several harmful bacteria to circulate again in the air, adequately chosen carpets surely help for improvement of air quality.

Regardless these negative facts, all people can have carpets in their homes, even if they suffer from asthma, dust allergy or various pathological disorders. However consider the details as factory material and carpet disinfecting methods.

Here are some simple rules to obey:

  • Suitable fabrics: Polyester and nylon are modern materials domestic carpets are made of. After series of investigations, it is clear that nylon repels harmful bacteria which cause allergies. On the other hand, the organic materials are preferred for the production of carpets, because they have the function to neutralise pathogens and allergens.

  • Avoid: No matter what type of material you choose, avoid bushy, bristly rugs. The short fibres have a small space to hold allergens. In order to avoid respiratory disease, buy a rug with tightly woven hair.

  • Used chemicals: In the production process, manufacturers use various chemicals for allergens destruction. It is also desirable not to clean carpets with chemicals. If you have several options, ask for a steam carpet cleaning.

  • Impeccable disinfection: To get rid of pathogens, regularly sanitise with green detergents or steam mop. Use a deep freshen vacuum or try with trained dry carpet cleaners.

The cause of your runny nose and other health ailments often lies in the various allergens such as dust, mould and hair. Surely there are other pathogens whose names you do not even know, but they ramify a lot. These invisible pests are often nesting in the beautiful warm carpets and thus they do not spread through the air. Regularly disinfect the floor mats at home and you won’t have problems with allergies!

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