All those school stains and how to deal with them

School stainsThe back to school period is not the most favourable one by all means. Kids may become total enemies to your strictly maintained domestic area and their clothes usually fill the entire washing machine – daily! However, you cannot deny that there is some kind of a magical charm in these upbringing disasters.

Kids are wonderful and their pieces of mischief are also wonderful.

The big secret is to accept them like that and stop getting nervous of normal things! We mean those things such as grass stain on your son’s white T-shirt or your daughter’s third attempt to put lipstick on her lips that ends with a red spot on the pink living room upholstery!In addition to the peaceful and calm adjustment, you will also need some smart tips to deal with the school stains. See our suggestions:

  • Glue on the furniture. Kids love creating things. Some of them are artistic, others are constructive, but all of them are usually catastrophic for your interior. In case your kid has split glue on the armchair, do not panic, but let it dry at first. Then, apply some nail polish remover. The acetone will help you dab the stain!

  • Ink on a textile fibre. You may be proud that your son is an exception, who actually loves making its homework, but when he leaves ink marks all over the house, it becomes a real trouble. We recommend you to deal with the stain by pouring an ordinary rubbing alcohol!

  • As a matter of fact, it could be very wise of you to keep a universal cleanser at hand. Use it for all kinds of regular home cleaning chores and for all the occasions for cleansing caused by your kid. Try something natural and eco-friendly, because probably the child will seek for another contact once again. There is no need to punish your kid with an allergic reaction because of one stain, right?

  • Appoint one single day for your kid’s clothing laundry only. This way you will manage your time and find some extra day for your personal laundry. The washing machine is not endless, after all! But your kid’s games and messy habits are!

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