After Fire Cleaning Service London

after fire cleaning I live in a small 2 bedroom flat in which last week a terrible accident happened. As it was Sunday, I decided to do some housework. I put the laundry in the washing machine and went to the backyard to water the plants in the garden.

Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. I rushed into the house and there was smoke everywhere…

I couldn’t believe my eyes! The washing machine has burst into flames.

I got so scared that I just didn’t know how to react! I went to the utility room, grabbed the fire-extinguisher and put the fire down. When it was all over, the damage was great – the floor, all of the walls and everything else was covered with black dust.

Considering the fact that I have refurnished the flat just 2 month ago it was a horrible sight. My brand new light beige sofa and armchairs, even the silk curtains were thick with black ash.

I contacted my insurance company and they advised that I should hire a professional cleaning company to conduct the cleaning in order to refund me. I called a cleaning company which services I have used in the past and they have been very professional. The lady on the phone was very nice. I explained everything and considering how serious the situation was she immediately arranged a viewing with their cleaner supervisor for the next morning.

A gentleman came on the next day, estimated the damages and advised me exactly what will the after fire cleaning service include. I scheduled the after fire cleaning service for Thursday in order to have my Insurance company decision before the after fire cleaning.

The team arrived sharp on time at 8.00 am on Thursday morning. They were 5 cleaners in total – a cleaner and 4 cleaning ladies, smiled at me and brought all the equipment in. The cleaner kindly advised that the cleaning would take around 5 hours so I could take a walk and come back later on during the day.

I have no words to express my surprise when I came home! Not only there was no sign of the damages the fire has done, but everything in the house was so clean and shiny I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My sofa, armchairs and rug looked as brand new again… even the curtains! All of the black dust has disappeared, all of the kitchen appliances and the windows were shining and the bad smell has gone. I am so happy to have my home liveable again!