Advantages and disadvantages of a small apartment

Advantages and disadvantages of a small apartment

Living on your own has become a necessity nowadays. The possession of a house or apartment is almost impossible for the average UK citizen. Rentals are a good option. Amongst the most common choices for Brits is the Studio or small apartments.

  Those tiny flats have both pros and cons and here you will find them both:


  • Such apartments are the so called “all-in-one” rooms with a multipurpose space. Lower in space means lower in rental price! One of the reasons why students and young professionals working away from home prefer them.

  • Studios are usually located in the very centre of the cities with great potential transport links.

  • Small apartments come with additional free communal facilities such as gyms, laundry rooms, and pools.

  • Very easy to keep clean and regular domestic refreshment tasks are down to minimum as per the small space. Also the costs of end of tenancy cleaning will be quite affordable.

  • Social interaction. Not only the location of those flats is vital, but also the aspect of having next-door neighbours. Life gets more complicated and busier with each passing year. The lack of time for creating new acquaintances and relations is inevitable. This will not be the case when you rent or live in a small studio.


  • As good as it is a small flat it is only suitable for no more than two persons. Keep in mind that the bed is normally folded away.

  • Some top range small studios can be unreasonably expensive especially if they have a lot of communal features or come fully furnished.

  • Neighbours in the very near can be crucial for your interactions if they turn out to be a bit too noisy

  • Having a friend to stay over the night is almost mission impossible as you will not have the privilege of a private space and you will be forced to share everything.

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