About Love And…Cleaning!

About Love And Cleaning!Are you in that stage in your life when you just have left your rental apartment, where you have lived with your friends and had all these amazing and unforgettable parties? You are going to miss these moments, aren’t you?!

But now you’ve just left your recent home and luckily everything has gone really well. You did the obnoxious End Of tenancy Cleaning, the landlord was fully satisfied with the results and you received the whole tenant deposit back. Now, you are completely ready to open a new chapter of your life, called “Living with my boyfriend”. And you definitely think it’s a dream come true. You truly believe that you and your beloved are going to live forever in this love paradise. Well, I do not want to be mean, but you won’t.

People say – “Amor vincit omnia” or in English – Love does conquer all. But…does love conquer cleaning? I bet you have never thought of that and maybe you are really skeptical about it. But do not misunderstand my words – true love can last forever, but arguments about who will do the daily household chores or why is so dirty everywhere can really ruin your good mood. You blame your boyfriend -“Why you left your dirty socks under the bed and the dishes in the kitchen sink?”, “why should I always do everything”, “why are you so lazy”. On the other hand he blames you – “why do you complain all the time like a desperate housewife”, “I did not forget to do the laundry, I will do it later”, “stop acting like my mother!”.

These everyday Men vs. Women battles over cleaning of home catch the attention even of the experts. According to a recent study one of three couples fight over cleaning duties. What do they argue about? The 3 main reasons are:

  • Who must do the household chores?

  • How often to disinfect?

  • How to clean, actually?

Maybe you think that you and your boyfriend are not from this 47% of the boring couples, having serious rows about trivial things like sanitising of their home. But you can never exclude this thing in the future, so maybe it is better to make prevention.

Firstly, have a serious talk about splitting up the housekeeping responsibilities! Make him understand the fact that you are a woman and that does not make you his housemaid. You are not supposed to do everything and you really need his help. Remember – never act like you are his boss and he has to obey your commands! Just be nice and talk, do not give orders.

Make the tidying of your home funny – do it together, turn on the music and have fun.

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