8 guaranteed ways to destroy your career

8 guaranteed ways to destroy your careerThere are big mistakes that instantly destroy your reputation in the workplace. It is even possible to be fired. There are some small steps you make that gradually lead you to ruin your career. Bad habits, such as sending rude emails can undermine your reputation – whether you realize it or not. Check out these mistakes and try to avoid them:

1. You do not adapt to the culture of the company you work. No matter if you work in carpet cleaning company Portsmouth  or a bank – every company has internal rules. When you do not move your finger to comply with them, you get disapproving and judgmental evaluation.

2. You always invent excuses. You’d better accept responsibility for your mistakes.

3. You make only the necessary critical minimum effort. Even if every time you deal with deadlines, when you work with minimum effort, you can not expect great results.

4. You are not consecutive. When you fail in the implementation of tasks that are undertaken to perform, you create the impression of person who is not trustworthy. You have to prove that you can always perform your responsibilities.

5. You dress negligee. Once you get the job, you can not afford to ruin the first impression. It’s mandatory to maintain a good appearance. Choose appropriate clothing that will help you demonstrate your skills and confidence. Even if you are part of upholstery cleaning Portsmouth team, your uniform must be flawless.

6. You are a pessimist. In case you constantly make pessimistic assessments and expectations, your boss won’t be happy. Complaints do not make you a desirable companion and colleague.

7. You ignore your colleagues. Befriending with colleagues is a key point. You have to be able to create a balance in relations with them.

8. You are always late. Frequent late for work leads to conclusions and assessments. You will look as someone who does not respect the rules and does not care.

Think about these huge mistakes and avoid them in order to save your career.

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