6 ways to avoid extra airline fee payments

6 ways to avoid extra airline fee paymentsPeople all love to fly. We find it very exciting to be right there in the sky, flying for some place nice where you can relax and meet new people, new culture and traditions. Usually, we relate the airplanes to vacations and holidays or business trips. Well, as a matter of fact, it is better to think of the flying as something nice like a holiday. Often, the flying can be really pleasant, especially when you fly with a first class carrier where the stewardesses are nice and friendly and there is free wine and food. As we are all trying to save some money, we can advise you on some interesting and useful ways to avoid the extra airline charges.

  • First of all, you can book your flight six to nine months in advance or even a year if you can. That will guarantee you that you will have very good price of your tickets and with the spared money, you can call carpet cleaning services.

  • Second, you can benefit from last minute offers which are usually the most cheapest ones, but thus, you would need to be sure that there is plenty of hotels that you can stay at at such a short notice. The same refers to all types of cleaning services, especially house cleaners, that have very good last minute offers.

  • Read carefully the luggage instructions and weigh carefully your luggage and never fill it up to the limit, so you can avoid the extra luggage fees.

  • Take with you just the things that you need and you can take only cabin luggage and no checked one which will reduce the price of your ticket.

  • Check in online. It is free of charge.

  • Wake up one hour earlier than planned on the day of your flight. Thus, you will be sure, no further charges for taxis will be required.

We do hope you can benefit and save some money for your pleasant next trip, just following these advices.

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