5 rules of bachelor’s home

Bachelor padIn general, women seem more rush to have their own family. In this respect, men are kind of different. It is important for them to have their private space, and therefore they prefer to live alone for longer. So they can be themselves to the fullest, and not consider someone else’s opinion for a while. It might be called ‘freedom’ and is definitely an advantage, while you are still young, and make your first steps in life.

Check out our list of ‘rules’, applying for a bachelor’s home:

@ First rule: to include in the interior everything desired and exclude anything that wouldn’t be used. Why not place the bed in the living room and the bedroom to become a hobby-room? And why do you need a kitchen, unless you are not going to cook, or do laundry, if you prefer dry cleaning?! Very logical indeed;

@ Second rule: simple things are preferable. The pastel colours and clean lines, minimalist furnishing requires much easier maintenance, whilst the rich decoration, heavy curtains and all similar accessories. If you decide to have a rug, but you are not a big ‘fan’ of sanitising, don’t worry. Cleaning carpets could be done by professionals. Any type of decorations should also be simplified. Their big plus is that they could be easily replaced, without spending too much money on that;

@ Third rule: there should be enough space provided, for the storage of any items. The presence of many cabinets contributes to the efficient and fast organising your things, when any guests are going to visit you;

@ Fourth rule: to have a dining table, this is not a coffee table! You may add a sofa, chair or an armchair. Design a whole place where you can eat and relax. Upholstery cleaners will take care of your furniture in case any tough stains occur;

@ Fifth rule: if you don’t approve any of the rules above, just eliminate them!

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