4 signs humanity is continuing to evolve

Signs of human evolutionThe human species is growing faster than in the past. In the last 10,000 years of human evolution the rhythm of development has grown up about 100 times. Studies show that more genetic mutations that have become an evolutionary advantage occurred. A common misconception is that evolution is something that happened long ago.

Here are some scars that show that we continue to develop:

1. We drink milk

In the past, the gene responsible for the processing of lactose, stopped to act in weaning the baby from the mother. But when people began to domesticate cattle, sheep and goats, the genetic mutation that allows to drink milk has proved advantageous to feed. Research from 2006 shows that only 3000 years ago in Africa tolerance to lactose has still not been fully developed.

2. We are fighting with contaminations

More than a dozen new genetic variations to combat malaria spread in recent millennia among the population in Africa. One study showed that natural selection favored the people in the cities. They have developed a genetic variation that made them more resistant to diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy. At this stage of human history, urban development, has become a factor in biological evolution. These days there are super convenient professional cleaning services, so spreading of microbes and disease is really decreased.

3. Our brain shrinks

As much as we like to think that big brain makes us smarter than other animals, the fact is that its average volume decreased from 1500 cc to 1350 cc. According to one theory man dulls: the brain shrinks because the complex social structure protects people and gradually repealed relationship between intelligence and survival. Another, more optimistic theory, suggests that the contraction of the brain associated with the creation of more complex relationships in it and this increases its effectiveness – the brain works faster and occupies less space. For instance, simple house cleaning is performed nearly automatically without much thinking necessary.

4. We have blue eyes

In the beginning everyone had brown eyes, but before about 10,000 years someone lived in the Black Sea area, developed a genetic mutation that made them blue. Mystery is why blue eyes spread. One theory suggests that they were something like a paternity test. There is a strong evolutionary pressure for the man not to lose his paternal resources for children of another man. And because it is almost impossible two  blue-eyed partners to create baby with brown eyes, blue eyed men have searched for blue-eyed women, to be assured of their loyalty.

Could you point some other signs of our continuing evolution?

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