3 situations every woman should be prepared for

3 situations every woman should be prepared forThere are some situations in life that every woman should predict in order to feel well and to follow her way without stress and anxiety. Check them out:

  • Emergency. If you are a woman and you do not have a contingency fund, start creating it immediately. Financiers advise each worker to have inviolable reserve, which can cover its costs from 3 to 6 months suddenly leaving the job or unexpected deterioration of health – the rule is at least three monthly salaries of deposit to which you do not reach while working. The last thing you want to happen to you in difficult times, is worrying for the payment of rent and charges on the credit card. The formula is to boot a small personal contribution. Consider making savings outside the bank where you receive your salary. You can make savings in another safe currency too. This will limit impulsive, meaningless purchases. House sanitising however is very useful investment.

  • Wedding. Many women in developed societies live years of loans taken to cover the cost of their wedding. To avoid this fate, you can create a fund “Wedding” and finance it together with your partner. Once again, even if you do not have a partner, if you have no personal fund, start to build it immediately.

  • Maternity leave. Having a baby is a joyous and exciting time in life. It is not uncommon for mothers to want to remain outside the labor market as long as possible to take care of their child. Before this happens, it is important to plan how much money will you need to support your child and yourself in every month of maternity leave. Some employers offer project work in flexible hours, which is a good opportunity for mothers to collect additional funds. In addition to this scenario, think about the time of pregnancy, which also has its high costs as a doctor, food, furniture for children and others. In addition you will have to call the carpet cleaners more often, because you will have to spend pregnancy in super hygienic environment.

Act like a provident and responsible woman and be well-prepared for these situations!

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