2 frequent cooking mistakes and how to avoid them

Cooking mistakes to avoidCooking is a real art. You can really let your imagination fly when it comes to recipes and cooking approaches. Despite that there are some rules, that must be obeyed.

Read carefully the information below and check if you make these widespread mistakes in the kitchen:

  • Mistake number 1 – Thawing meat at room temperature. Keep in mind, that if you do that, you risk your health and safety. The so called “danger zone” for microbial growth in our food is between 40°F and 140°F (5°C and 60°C). Room temperature, which is around 68°-70°F (20°-22°C) is placed right in the middle. The best solution in this case is to use a cold water bath to thaw your meat. For this purpose, put the meat in a sealed bag and sink it in a bowl of cold water. The method is safe and fast. Be sure that, your maids know this technique and use it in their own homes. You can ask them about that.

  • Mistake number 2 – You sanitise cast iron pans with water and soap. The problem here is that soapy water ruins the “seasoning” on the pan. This “seasoning” delivers a cooking surface that’s naturally oiling and non-stick. Thus your meal is protected from interacting with the oil of the pan. Actually, the season is all polymerized oil. Soap and hot water make those oils break down. This way that protective coating is taken away. This method may be easy to perform, but it’s destructive. Check out the solution, provided by professional oven cleaners: after finishing with cooking, pour a little bit of oil into the pan. Then add some salt and start scrubbing with an old rag or some paper towels. The salt will become dirty, but your pan will be clean. To finish the procedure, just wipe the pan clean.

Try our tips and become a better housewife!

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