10 worst home upgrades for resale

Worst home upgrades for saleHome improvements are made either for your own family’s good, or as an investment plan. When it comes to the first case, you have the entire freedom to renovate and redecorate according to your own needs and preferences.

However, when you do an investment for a future house sale, you will need to be more careful with the improvements. What we recommend you is to avoid the following 10 worst home upgrades for resale:

  • Saunas, indoor hot tubs and whirlpool baths. They seem quite chic and luxurious, but what they don’t attract the attention with is their functionality. Most people today seek for practical, but not a parade house!

  • Impressive bath fixtures in bright nuances. A colourful bath is difficult to be achieved. It does not worth it, because most of the buyers get scared of too vanguard sanitary premises.

  • Terrific sound or TV system. This is quite cool, but few people can afford a house with such features. Use the money for some deep oven cleaning and a set of practical kitchen storage and modern fridge instead.

  • Wall drawings. Personally I love them! But not every person in the world is keen on such artistic and individually decorated walls! Meanwhile, such a job might become quite long-lasting.

  • Broadloom with a wall-to-wall length. This is something that will make your potential buyer say “Can I do the carpet cleaning by hanging on the wall?”.

  • Create odd rooms with free premises. You should better leave this task to your buyer. You cannot know if he will be an artist or an accountant. One of them will want a workshop, but other will prefer the home office space.

  • Swimming pool. It is cheap and it requires too many cares. Today’s busy life just makes the swimming pool as a part of the vacation, but not an additional household chore.

  • Reducing the number of the bedrooms. This is a big mistake. You should better have 3 small bedrooms than 2 spacious bedrooms.

  • Making a cheap floor surface. It is important what you step on, isn’t it? And floor renovation is one of the most expensive things at home. No buyer will make such a risky investment.

  • Fancy furniture. First of all, you will never know if others will love them. And second of all, such a furnished house will not be liked by a family with kids or pet!

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