10 things that waste working time

10 things that waste working timeMost of the professional occupations today are paid according to the individual achievements of the worker. Unfortunately, the old, but gold days, when people were paid just to stay on the desk, are gone.

Today, the dynamic economic progress and the changes in company policies have put new trends in optimising the working time.

This progress, as a matter of fact, determines the worker as either good, or bad. In this case, working time at work becomes a main reason for discharges or remarks. If you don’t want these things to happen to you, too, see the most common 10 things that waste working time and just stop doing them:

  • Surfing, browsing and posting – yes, internet and especially social webs are top reasons to waste time at work. Most of them are even so obsessive that you lose count of time, while you are using them. Some companies have already introduced a new ban in the offices – prohibition against Facebook or limits in internet usage.

  • Chatting in shared rooms – next to the coffee machine, in the rest premise or in the cafeteria. Some workers forget about the limit of the lunch break and really waste a lot of time. Others are even more insolent and gossip in working time.

  • Dealing with PC breaks and issues – ok, you are an office assistant or a nurse! There are people, who come to backup your computer system, so don’t accept as your own professional duty.

  • Settle personal relationship – better do it after working time, because bosses really hate, when their employees have any personal relationships.

  • Maintaining the order – let your diligence in sanitising and tidying up to the regular domestic cleaning at home. In the office, these activities must be done quickly and superficially.

  • Making personal phone calls – save for wasting working time, you waste your company resources.

  • Preserving yourself in a presentable condition – this is more typical for women, who spend too much time in fixing their makeup or hairstyle before any visitation, meeting or other stage of the working process.

  • Indulging the entire staff – remember, this is a mission impossible, so don’t waste too much time in making everyone in the office satisfied with your decisions and organizations.

  • Eating – trying new diets or searching for a reason to have some rest may also waste too much optimal working time.

  • Overloading – seems weird, but actually the more activities and duties you load yourself with, the more time you waste. Thing practically and keep in mind that you cannot spin and reel at the same time.

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