10 obligatory rules in End of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning - obligatory rulesMoving out? Ending with the life of a single lady or a bachelor? Well, a removal is ahead of you and this must be the first really serious task to organise and manage. Make it properly and finely, because a good start is a good sign for your future intentions. End of tenancy cleaning is one of the responsibilities that you have to face. Don’t worry – put everything under control, ask for a help and follow the scheme for success!

Free your weekend and gather your friends. Ask them for some tips that will help you to finish cleaning quickly or just have them for support. As to the expert hints, we would like to offer you some important rules. Follow them strictly during the removal process and mainly during the End of Tenancy Cleaning. So, here they are – 10 obligatory rules in end of tenancy cleaning you should always keep in mind:

  • Collect your personal things at first! This will give you some space to get into your stride during the deep cleaning. Empty all of the cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and then clean them – from the outside and from the inside.

  • Start cleaning the obvious dirtiness – empty the trash bins and get rid of the stains from the surfaces.

  • Motivate yourself with your favorite music or with a person you love next to you!

  • Furniture and upholstery need comprehensive and delicate cleaning – before undertaking any action, make sure you do know what you are doing. Browse the web and find out the best cleaning solution for a particular damask, material or textile.

  • Clean the windows, mirrors and glass interior elements in conjunction. We recommend you distilled water for refreshing and alcohol for nasty grime!

  • Bathroom and kitchen are the main accents in your cleaning procedure. Sanitise the premises, disinfect them, and finally – air them!

  • Carpet cleaning is unwritten rule in end of tenancy cleaning. You may not know, but your landlord is actually expecting from you to clean and refresh the carpets and rugs, too!

  • Use Eco-friendly cleaning products to escape the risk. Some people prefer their properties to be sanitized and deodorised with non-toxic and natural products only. Your landlord may be one of these people!

  • Finish with the floor – Hoover, mop and dry! If the floor doesn’t shine, repeat it, because the perfection is what you are seeking for!

  • Feel free to improvise in end of tenancy cleaning. Just cling to the traditional goal – a clean tenement and full return of tenancy deposit!

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