DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Renters

DIY Projects That Are Perfect For RentersLiving on a rent has its pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages for a person that loves decorating their place is the fact that many landlords don`t allow painting, hanging and anything creative at all. When you don`t have the freedom to leave your print on at your rented home, you may never feel the cosiness that will make you feel comfortable. However, there are some no-damage DIY ideas that will freshen up your rental and your landlord wouldn`t mind them. Check out these rental-friendly projects that will make you feel at home without risking your deposit.

How to cut down on electricity in the summer?

How to cut down on electricity in the summerDo you remember how high your electricity bills were during the winter? You were impatient for the summer to come so you can take a break and invest your money in a much more sustainable activity than paying huge bills to your electricity provider. Well, the bad news is that in the summer you have to think about cooling of your home, which means you are going to pay bills as nearly high as in the summer. Or you can find a way to remedy the situation. Cutting down on your electricity bills is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows you to save up for a vacation or buy yourself an item you have always wanted to have. Here are some tips you can apply:

Do’s and don’ts when you give your little one household chores!

Do`s and don`ts when you give your little one household chores!In this era of endless entertainment, it is much harder to get your kids do chores with so many distractions at home. There is no surprise that it is one of the most common arguments in every family. No need to explain why kids don`t like chores – in general, they are boring and tedious which is pretty much the same reason why adults don`t like household tasks neither. The most common scenario: you are yelling “Have you cleaned your room?” and your kid calmly answers “I`ll do it later.” while he is playing video games. In order to encourage them to do the job right away, there are some do`s and don`ts you should know. Read on and check them out below:

Things to put in your suitcase before going on vacation

Things to put in your suitcase before going on vacationSo you have been impatiently waiting for the day when you can take a break from the boring office environment and all the tasks you are responsible for and head to an exotic destination or just spend a week by the seaside together with your loved ones. Needless to say you should be very excited and you have probably made a thorough plan of the must-visit places a month in advance. Now, when it is time for a vacation, you need to make a list of the things that should definitely find a place in your suitcase. You can hardly deny that when you prepare your suitcase, you always forget a small, but important items such as your toothbrush or a charged power bank, right? Read on and check which are the essential things you should carry when you are going to be away from home for a week or so.

Grandmothers know best: cleaning tricks that actually work! – part 2

house-cleaning-tips-2One article was just not enough to reveal you all of the tricks we can learn from our grandmothers – now it’s time for part 2! No matter that some serious advances in the world of house cleaning has been welcomed, there are some certain tasks that you can still perform the way your grandma did. These old-fashioned methods have proved to be successful over the years and never needed improving upon. What makes them the better option? These grandmother’s cleaning remedies are better for our health, environment and bank account. Not buying commercial products full of chemicals and hazardous substances will improve the overall condition of your household. Read on and check these tips out!

Grandmothers know best: old-fashioned cleaning tricks that actually work! – Part 1

Grandmothers know bestOnce upon a time, when there weren’t tons of commercial cleaning detergents, our grandmothers managed to handle their domestic cleaning procedures by using natural and proven methods to deal with dirt and grimes. These old-fashioned ways are not only hazardous-free but they are effective and cheap at the same time. Check the cleaning tips that women used many years ago – maybe your grandma have already told you some of them!

What you need to know when buying a carpet?

What you need to know when buying a carpetA lot of people think that finding a good carpet is a piece of cake but they underestimate the fact that many aspects should be taken into account – you can’t just pick the first rug you like. This simple task may quickly become complicated and this is why you should know that not only the colour and style are important but the type of fibers used and the level of traffic of the room you are carpeting. You know that carpeting is a pricey expense and you should carefully choose a rug that will serve you for the years to come. Learn more about every aspect that concerns choosing the right carpet for your home!

The natural charm of wicker furniture

The natural charm of wicker furniture

Do you know which is the best way to create feel of pleasant cottage decor in contemporary living rooms is to use wicker furniture. It will definitely soften room design. Wicker furniture items are very charming. They not only bring comfort and coziness, but they also remind of warm and sunny summer days. Thanks to them, homeowners may easily achieve stress-free and relaxing atmosphere. Most often people use wicker furniture when it comes to porch decorating, patio designs and outdoor rooms. However, it also look very attractive in modern living rooms. Thanks to this wonderful furniture, urban apartments become much more welcoming, because of the nostalgic feel of country home. There is no doubt, that wicker furniture may be combined with different home interiors. However, when it’s incorporated with contemporary living room designs, it gives super interesting and challenging touches. These days, you can find wicker furniture pieces in various styles, sizes and shapes. For instance, contemporary wicker chairs add adorable accents to modern living rooms. Are you already interested? Before purchasing some items, learn more details about the materials, used to produce this type of furniture:

Spring cleaning – 7 days to cleaner home!

Spring cleaning - 7 days to cleaner home - 1

Spring is just around the corner so we should all take up to the cleaning that inevitably follows this season. Spring cleaning is important as it is brings out our house back to life after the cold months and after a well-performed procedure, it will be a lot easier to maintain the neat condition of our homes. However, being busy working is not a suitable excuse to skip it! Even with our busy and chaotic lives, there is a way to perform successful spring cleaning. You will need one week to get the things done. The good news is that you can do the tasks before or after work so they will not interfere your routine. So, what’s the plan? Instead of spending your weekend scrubbing and wiping around your house, tackle just one household chore at a time. You will have spick and span house in a week – let’s start!

How to renovate the dining room with yellow

How to renovate the dining room with yellowDuring the cold winter, sunny days represent a rare phenomenon. Undoubtedly they look quite attractive for all of us. You can bring this joyful mood in your sweet home by using yellow colour. It’s not difficult to create an elegant, cheerful and warm atmosphere with the help of yellow hues. This is definitely the right choice for your dining room. Thanks to these overtones, you may achieve cozy and intimate atmosphere and renovate uniform interior, decorated in neutral colors. In other words, yellow is able to do wonders in a variety of ways. Shades of this color vary from deep yellow-green to pale and soft hues. Each of them brings unique spirit to the room. According to experts, the dining room is the perfect place to use yellow colour. Here are some valuable tips how to do the desired renovation with yellow on your own: